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S.R.F.S. has its roots in Jim Goodwin’s N.D.F.S. which was based in Braunton, North Devon U.K. Jim has been a friend of mine for over twenty years. We worked together until he retired, during this time he kindled my fascination with the other side of shooting that I had only come into contact with during my many hours in front of my loading presses loading for pistol and rifle's. Jim has spent thirty years perfecting the art of making Dies and cases for all calibers, obsolete a specialty. When Jim retired in 2002 he sold off the business and all the machinery, I decided to return to Australia to get away from the draconian firearms laws in the U.K. only to land in the middle of the even more senseless hand gun ban here. Regardless, I have now set up S.R.F.S. with the sole intention of continuing Jim's good work. I make dies for all obsolete and hard to find calibers from Rook on up.

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Mobile   0425 719 630

Telephone  (03) 5977 5000

Postal address :10 Drovers Lane Somerville  3912   Victoria      Australia


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